Why is my network connection slow?

All of our networks have unique speed specifications/requirements set by the network owner/property manager. However, in all cases our networks should be sufficient at least for web browsing. If you are experiencing a slow down, it is potentially one of three reasons:

1.) Heavy traffic time - many people tend to surf the net in the evening. In these times of high traffic the network may experience brief slowdowns.

2.) You are downloading/uploading a large file while browsing - if you are downloading/uploading one or several large files at a time, in some cases this will slow down your web browsing for the duration of the download/upload.

3.) Abusive network use - a user in the area is downloading/uploading massive amounts of data and abusing their connection.

4.) Weak signal - if you have weak signal, please check out our knowledge base article on signal strength.

We constantly monitor, maintain and change network settings in an attempt to avoid any of the above situations becoming an issue. However, if you ever experience the slowdowns mentioned above please file a support ticket and we will do our best to help you.

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