Do you support VPN access over the WiFi network?

Anaptyx supports most VPN solutions by default.  

A limited number of IPSec-based VPN solutions do not work well behind NAT, which Anaptyx uses.  If you are having difficulty, consider switching your VPN client to use SSL instead of IPSEC. Note that many configurations of most WiFi systems use NAT, and they all have the same problems with IPSec VPNs - this is not an Anaptyx-specific issue.

There are multiple implementations of IPSec that have different properties with NAT.

Some IPSec implementations will not work if NAT is used.  These implementations will not work at all if the client is not given a correct/valid public IP address.

Other IPSec implementations can work with NAT, however they all suffer from a problem where it is not possible for two clients with the same public IP address to talk to the same server.  In this failure case, the first client will be able to connect fine, but the second one will fail (or will cause both to fail).

Any IPsec implementation that has support for NAT-T (NAT traversal) will work on a Anaptyx network.

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